Synapsis - Our core AI service

Synapsis combines cutting-edge deep learning technologies accompanied by friendly and intuitive graphical interfaces and carefully crafted APIs.

The specifics

Image Annotator

The basic component of the service is the Image Annotator, namely an implementation of the latest deep convolutional neural network architectures such as Inception and ResNet ResNet, trained and fine-tuned for image classification and photo composition extraction.


The Annotator can classify images into thousands of classes, detect objects inside them, identify meaningful photographic attributes and assign aesthetic scores. Furthermore, Synapsis materialises many more network architectures regarding the desired use cases, such as wide and deep networks trained for customer churning prediction and recurrent neural networks for audio analysis and instrument recognition.

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Synapsis is running on a GPU-accelerated high performance infrastructure and is configured for maximum utilisation of the computing resources in order to achieve a quick and scalable inference service.

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