Hi, We're ThinkCode

An innovative collective of like-minded people making useful and
enduring technology products

Built on passion and ingenuity

We are a start-up company that designs and develops custom intelligent solutions and high-end software products by adopting and applying cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology into real-word applications. Consisting of people who combine strong research with industrial background, ThinkCode provides AI-enabled services that span a great range of applications from Image Annotation and Named Entity Recognition to Audio Annotation and Crowdsourcing.

ThinkCode specializes in the implementation of state-of the-art machine learning technologies for a variety of applications, including extraction of aesthetics aspects from photographs, identification and categorisation of musical instruments from sound archives, and extraction and linking of named entities from text. We are also particularly interested in how machine-driven tools can be combined with human intelligence in crowdsourcing applications that engage different target users. 

ThinkCode does not limit itself to developing and applying AI algorithms to images, text and sound, but produces high quality visualisation tools for any from the above services. This is achieved through intuitive graphical user interfaces, conforming to strict design principles in order to improve the user experience, thus resulting to a complete end-to-end AI software service.